About me

I live in the Portland metro area where by day I work in the healthcare industry and by night , I turn on my laptop to share my experiences of being, well – a dad. I started northwest dad because I love writing, I love everything there is to love about life in the pacific northwest and somewhere along the way I also felt like there just isn’t enough information available in blogosphere or online for new dads to use as a resource for preparing for fatherhood. However I do not intend this resource to be a parenting guide of any kind or a platform for me to be preachy! ( not yet 🙂  ) I intend for this to be a way for me to reach out to other dads who I can relate to or who can relate to me and my experiences and see if we can mutually learn something from our common experiences.

But enough about me! lets talk about my family. I am currently a dad to a wonderful, talkative, cute and cheerful 18 month old. As a family we have come to love Portland’s vibrant and diverse community and lifestyle that is extremely kid friendly ( I can’t think of many other cities that welcome babies into a brewery). In addition to having easy access to the coast and the mountains fairly quickly, the abundance of fun things to do as a family and extremely well regarded healthcare facilities and schools make this a great city for a new family. I hope you will enjoy the content I put out as thing roll along and I look forward to exciting new friendships and new learnings. Cheers!